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make money online in Nigeria as a student

How to Make Money Online in Nigeria as a Student 2020 In School

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It’s been a while since we published any earning content on this blog since the release of the two major ways to make money online in Nigeria. On this post, I will show you how to Make Money Online in Nigeria as a Student or even a drop-out who wants some side hustle earning.

About Emmanuel Husseni

Since the last 1 and half-year, I’ve been testing what actually works and what doesn’t in making money online in Nigeria since I was only a student. And after all my research of failure, being scammed, and all sort of headaches, a breakthrough finally reveals itself.

I was able to figure out what actually works and what will never just work-out in making money online in Nigeria. Not to talk much, I have also been the back-bone to lots of Nigerian youths who want to make money online and also those who want to start a blog and make money from it in Nigeria.

I don’t need to keep talking about myself on this site because I believe you should know me before now.

Before going further with what brings us to this page, why not we redirect some students like you who also may want to make money in Nigeria as student with our related keyword terms linked with this post.

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Let’s hope this help in bringing other information student + seekers like you to this very page where I talk about how to make money in Nigeria as a student in the University or Secondary school.


What you would find on this page is all you need in Making Money Online as a student in Nigeria. If all mentioned techniques still don’t work out for you; it means you are looking for some magic which I believe don’t exist.

Online Money Making Opportunities For Students In Nigeria 2019

Forget it!

Many sites on the web today may tell or even show you where to earn money online as a student freely without having to spend anything. I tell you; that’s not true and maybe they want to lure you to some scam sites I believe you don’t want to be. The only way to earn from the internet without spending a dime is to promote or offer services you render to people.

I don’t only teach how to earn from the internet or anywhere,

I also give tips to save you from being scammed while mining cash.

Now let me tell you the real OT

  • No one will create a business to be dashing out free money online.
  • Every blog/website owner has this basic aim of making profit and not loss.
  • If it’s not to make profit online via blogging, then we would only have maximum 5,000 bloggers in Nigeria.
  • If you must make money online as a student, you need to have a basic skill
  • Making money online in Nigeria needs support of an expert (blind men don’t work in forest)

Surely clues mentioned above would guide you through in knowing a bit about the Internet in knowing how you can make money while avoiding to be scammed online in Nigeria as a student. Well, just as mentioned above, it’s just an O.T (orientation/hint) to guide you in taking decisions online.

Enough with the talking and advice, let’s get started with basic things you need in order to start making money online in Nigeria as a student.

Basic Things You Need To Have/Do Before Thinking About Making Money Online In Nigeria as A Student 2019

Before having this mind-set on wanting to make money online as a student, there are some basic things/tools you need to have and also, full ability of using them otherwise; failure may be your outcome.

So here comes the full list of basic tools and skill you need in other to make money online in Nigeria as a student.

  • Internet Connection – Basic
  • Smartphone – Basic
  • PC – Better chance
  • Writing Skill – Advantage
  • Graphic Design Skill – Advantage
  • Web Design Skill – Advantage

With these six tools mentioned above, making money online as a student in Nigeria is 100% guaranteed and I will tell you how in a moment.

How to Make Money Online in Nigeria as a Student 2019

If it’s not possible to make money online in Nigeria for free; then surely there should be a way of earning money online legitimately without having to scam anyone and I will show you how to earn money online as a student doing some simple jobs with your phone or PC.

So here are top ways on how to make money online as a student in Nigeria that still works

1. Blogging

Believe me, blogging for live is the beginning of wisdom and basic way of earning money online as a student legitimately without any head ache. Blogging gives you  a youth reading this to know more about how living online on the web really is.

I remember when I started blogging at first running Music Download niche in school, I was more like Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook.Com then.

Not just that. I was able to raise funds for myself in no time because I have upcoming artist who are willing to promote their songs on my site to give me few bucks.

Well that’s just part of what you would get if you venture into blogging in the early age. Thou blogging do not raise quick cash as it is a legit way of earning from the internet. I can help you become a blogger of your choice as a student with full support via WhatsApp,mail or even calls.

2. Selling Past Question & Answers Online

This is a cool way of making huge profit on the internet as a student in Nigeria. This method requires no technical but applied skill in running it. You as a student in the University/Polytechnic can sell past question papers to outsiders who are preparing to sit for your school examination.

Believe me, this method of earning online as a Nigerian student is more effective than you may be thinking. Go to Facebook groups related to your school, publish a post about what you have to offer in a constructive way then relax for some minutes to see the magic in your inbox.

You can sell UTME past question & answer to Jamb candidates sitting for the forth coming exams, hand used hand-out to new students via social media & online marketing.

3. Affiliate Marketing

This on the other hand is more like a branch of blogging because all income you earn being an affiliate comes out from blog a real blogger builds.

I have tested lots of affiliate programs in Nigeria and I’ve seen hundreds of students that earns lots of cash via affiliate sites so I will tell you; Affiliate marketing is indeed one of the best way to make money online in Nigeria as a student.

For example, we have lots of affiliate programs in Nigeria namely; the good, the bad, and the ugly. Believe me, not all affiliate programs are really genuine, that was how CashAwoof came and everyone rushed it. I recommend you always seek for advice before jumping into any affiliate program so as to stay off from being scammed.

I recommend Uplift, & Hiwap for now

3. Taking Surveys


Taking surveys with the aim of earning as a student is cool but sometimes not. Well that’s not a final end for you or it means you can’t make money online in Nigeria as a student while taking survey on sites that claim to pay you for your time.

See what survey is if you don’t mind.

Thou Nigerian survey sites normally used to be categorized as scam sites. I won’t just want you to end there like this, I’ll show you list of top legit survey sites you can make use of as a student in filling your account.

You won’t believe I know survey sites then as scam and Ponzi until I cashed out from one last year that I came to believe some real once still exist.

4. Start Mini Importation Business from School

You might just be hearing about Mini Importation the first time I know. Well, Mini importation/drop shipping business is simply a way of buying goods from outside Nigeria at cheap rate, importing them to you country and selling them at higher rate.

This is a very lucrative and cool way to make money online in Nigeria as a student, graduate, drop-out or even someone who want to make money online without much stress.

Though this business requires some capital to start but I believe you can afford it. You can get my training + videos on how to buy goods from China at $3, importing them here in Nigeria, and sell them for $12 each without stress for just N10,000

5. Blog Design/Creation

Blog creation and web design isn’t the coolest way of making money as a student but It still would work if you can stabilize your reading and programming  time since programing and web design is never an easy task.

Keep calm.

That wasn’t meant to make you feel as if you can’t make money online in Nigeria as a student doing blog design and other cool online stuff related to programming. Am only trying to familiarize you more to what you will get to know sooner or later when you join the team. I know some Site builders/developers who are still in the university and also doing well with their studies than some die-hard addict.

That’s to say you it’s a sure thing to make money online in Nigeria as a student doing blog creation and site development stuff online.

6. Social Media Marketing

Making money as a Nigeria student in the University or Secondary school has never been easier than using social media marketing. With the aid of social media, many Nigerian students can promote their services and other crucial offers they have online with the aim of making money.

Nigerian Students who are into affiliate marketing programs like Uplift NNU e.t.c. can testify the goodness of social media marketing in their daily life.

I know lots of drop-out that uses social media (a place of fun) as their basic source of income in Nigeria today turning it into a real money making opportunity to them so I believe you can even do more if you like.

7. Service Promotion

This is another cool way of making money online as a student in Nigeria.

Nigerian youths, most especially the student can make money online promoting custom service they offer to people around them online.

When talking about “Custom Service”, we mean services or knowledge you have or know how to do and you think it’s worth paying for. It might be online tutorship on certain course, sharing basic skill you have to people while they pay you a certain fee.

You can start making use of Zoom Cloud Meeting app for android to see how you can promote your skill and earn from it online tutoring people live from the Android app.

8. Be a Cartoonist Doing Photoshop In school

This is no doubt the coolest way of making money online as a Nigerian student and am sure you will love this one.

As a Nigerian student/youths, you don’t have to underestimate some valuable resource you have instead use it the right way to fund your account at ease. Doing cartoon imagery and other Photoshop effect is another cool way of making money in Nigeria as a student.

I know some students making it online with their phones and PC doing Photoshop work while they get paid for their work done so why can’t you also earn money online doing photo editing business? Just get some Photoshop studio applications ready then contact anyone graphic designer you know to assist you.

blogspot seo

Other Working Method to Earn Money In Nigeria as a Student

Remember what I mentioned earlier? If the solution to your problem isn’t listed here then it means it either not working any longer, a scam method of earning online as a student, or just one that is not lucrative enough to be listed here.

We still have other working methods of earning online in Nigeria. But before then, check this post and also this one so as to know how things works online so you won’t fall for any scam in future time.

  • Blogging
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Taking Surveys
  • Blog Design/Creation
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Service Promotion
  • Be a Cartoonist/ Photoshop
  • Selling Photos Online
  • Free Lancing


Conclusion: Making Money In Nigeria As A Student In The University/Polytechnic/College

Learning never ends and same goes to our daily problems in life as a youth or even citizen of the country. You just read about some realistic ways of making money online in Nigeria as student which I believe it’s worth it.

Many students in the University go wild because of hard life in school which is not good and that is why I shared these working techniques that I learn from people around me to you. I wish to continue writing but I can’t for further reasons best known to me. Don’t just read and consider this as a novel or essay writing, this is a practical course you need to follow bid by bid and surely, the result will be a good one.

So that is how to make money online in Nigeria as a student in the University/Polytechnic/College or even for drop-outs. Happy Earning as you follow my guide to success.


Make Money Online: Earning Money Online As A Student In Nigerian

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